Monday, July 1, 2013

Sleepers Publishing

The Sleepers Almanac No.9. As per previous editions, the Almanac is a brimming, pulsing clutchbag of short story goodies, along with one or two poems and illustrations. If you are a writer – emerging, emerged or barely even awake, hyper-caffeinated, uber-alert but utterly uncertain; whatever your ambition, whatever your position – now is the time to SUBMIT to the Sleepers Almanac. We love stories. We just love ‘em. It’s a thing we have – we like the way they creep up on you, the way they make your heart flutter, the way they get your gut churning, the way they change you or force you to stay the exact same way. It’s best to have read an Almanac before submitting because you will know more about what we like and what we’re trying to do with this whole Almanac thing. But in short, we’re looking for:
– Pieces, anywhere from a few words to 10,000
– No more than two pieces submitted per person, please (that’s right: 2 this year)
– Pieces from anywhere in Australia, the World, the Universe or the Galaxy
– You’ll need to fill in and attach the cover sheet. Check the requirements.
– Submissions close on August 4th, 2013 EST


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