What is OOTA?
Out of the Asylum Writers’ Group is a supportive social and professional network for emerging and established writers. We meet regularly at the Fremantle Arts Centre, which once was an asylum, hence our name. Since forming in 1996, OOTA have published anthologies of short fiction and poetry, and run workshops and competitions.

How to join OOTA:
You can write to us at or download a membership form here.

Frequently Asked Questions and advice for writers 

Do you have classes?
OOTA supports and is closely linked to the Writing at the Centre classes held each Friday morning (10.00am - noon) at the Fremantle Arts Centre. However, these classes are managed by the tutors, not by OOTA. Shane McCauley teaches poetry and Helen Hagemann teaches the prose class. For more information on class dates go to Occasionally, OOTA runs a specialized class but this would be a one-off and not on-going.

Can you help me publish my book?
No. We are a writing group, not a publisher.

I have written some poetry and short stories. Will you look at my work and comment?
No. We advise you join OOTA first, get to know our members /your peers. They may offer their help when they get to know you.

I have written years ago, but want to get back into writing again. Do you cater for beginners? 
Our membership is open to beginners, developing and published writers of all ages. We do not encourage child membership, however teenagers are welcome!

 I have heard you conduct lunchtime readings. Can I be a featured guest? 
Friday lunchtime readings are a forum to encourage our members to share their work in progress. Our guest readers are by invitation only. However, you are most welcome to attend as part of the audience.

Where else can I read my work?
Poetry: There are several readings in Perth. Fremantle has Voicebox – poetry readings at The Fly Trap (The Fly By Nightclub), Parry Street, Fremantle on the last Monday of each month. The Perth Poetry Club conducts readings every Saturday 2-4pm at the Moon Café, 323 William Street, Northbridge. Open Mike is an opportunity to test your reading skills. For more information on the Perth Poetry Club go to

Prose: Novelists and short story writers can form a critiquing group, where they will have the opportunity to share work and get feedback.

Can you promote my event? Can you distribute my flyer? 
We can promote a writing event in our e-newsletter called Network Tuesday. You can send us a small description (in Word), of no more than 200 words, 1-2 weeks before the event. Email Please note: Because space is limited there is no guarantee that your advertisement will run for several weeks.

I have just published a book, and notice that OOTA supports book launches. Would you put on a book launch for me? 
OOTA will support you in your book launch if you are a long-standing member who has been actively involved in the group and at the Committee’s discretion. We do like to support all writers by attending launches when we can.  

Where do I find out more? What else is out there for writers?
Please go to our links page where you will find a link to writingWA, the peak body for writing and associated activities in WA. On their site you will find many FAQs and information to help you join the writing scene. We provide a great deal of support to our members and we encourage you to join, if you feel that we are the right writing group for you. Joining provides you with opportunities and information about events, competitions, awards, scholarships and literature-funding as well as interaction with like-minded people. We encourage you to browse the net for events that suit you. Go to a reading near where you live and that way you will meet other writers happy to share their knowledge of the Perth scene.

Out of the Asylum Writers Group is a not-for-profit incorporated organisation,  more commonly known as OOTA.  We are affiliated with Writing at the Centre who hold classes each Friday at the Fremantle Arts Centre. We are not registered in relation to payment of Income Tax, but do hold an ABN No: 21 635 093 801 in seeking grants or support from the Department of Culture & the Arts.


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