Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Tutors at FAC

Shane McCauley has wide experience in the teaching field, having taught previously at Edith Cowan University, at TAFE Midland, was joint editor of OOTA’s publication The Weighing of the Heart, and has taught poetry at the FAC for 7 years. He is an award-winning published poet with several collections, including The Chinese Feast, Deep Sea Diver, The Butterfly Man, Shadow Behind the Heart, Glassmaker & The Drunken Elk (both Sunline Press), and his latest is a chapbook from Studio called Ghost Catcher. Shane offers a wealth of knowledge, an expert on formalism and creates a learned, stimulating poetry class for beginners, emerging writers, as well as published poets.

Helen Hagemann commences the Prose Class at the Fremantle Arts Centre on Friday, 8th February. This year’s course is on "Worldwide Short Fiction". This series will inspire writers to learn the techniques of short story writing by looking at the best writers/ new writers of short fiction from all over the globe including Anton Chekhov, Edgar Allan Poe, Raymond Carver, Ernest Hemingway, Delmore Schwartz, William Faulkner, Gabriel García Márquez, Franz Kafka, John Shirley, David Malouf, Katharine Mansfield, Christina Stead, Charlotte Perkins Gilman, Geraldine Mills, and many more.
Helen is a prize-winning poet with poetry and prose published in major Australian literary journals. In 2004, she won an ASA poetry mentorship studying with NSW poet, Jean Kent. In 2008, she won a Varuna Longlines/ Poetry workshop in Katoomba, NSW. In association with the Australian Poetry Centre's New Poets Program her collection, Evangelyne & Other Poems, was published in 2009. She also has a new collection due for publication with Sunline Press in August, 2013. Helen teaches with the benefits of an MA in Creative Writing, writing short stories, prose poetry, and bringing a second novel to completion. Her classes are informative, fun and often filled with surprises.


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