Friday, July 5, 2013

Overland Opportunity for Writers

Overland wants writers with ideas.
Whether you’re a budding polemicist, a cultural critic, a book nerd, or an activist with an idea for a campaign under an Abbott government, submit your work for publication online at Overland. They’re after debates, essays, analyses, perspectives and reviews that interrogate the cultural and political world in which we live.
They like pieces that begin dialogues and engage with current debates – and books and films and issues. They also appreciate pieces that challenge and provoke, as well as pieces that make us laugh. Furthermore, Overland is committed to paying writers: we pay online contributors $50 an article (and occasionally more for longer articles).
So if you’re a writer, new or established, and you’ve got a piece you think would work for us online or in print, visit our submissions page.
Finally, Overland depends on its subscribers. If you enjoy what you read at Overland, you can take out a year’s subscription for $60 ($45 conc.), which means we’ll continue to produce four issues a year, an online publication daily, and offer giveaways, prizes and events throughout the year.


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