Monday, June 10, 2013

Creative Writing Series with Lucas North @ FAC

The Eclectic Transgression Sessions with Lucas North  - fiction ideas for pushing at publication. 
Series runs June-July 2013 at the FAC.
Class is 10.00am-noon. OOTA $20, Non-OOTA $25

No booking required.
Venue:  Room 2, Upstairs North Wing, FAC, 1 Finnerty St.

Friday, 14th June
One :
Two Places At Once: Use this idea as a stepping off point into the unknown? Is the concept an impossibility, or an everyday reality? Literal and metaphorical explorations of ideas not on the news.

Friday, 28th June
desensitised senses: ways to discover how as a person and a writer you’ve unknowingly stepped into the future and  become numb to things that would have blown your mind not so long ago.

Friday, 12th July
Them : the people we fear most and why they are the best subjects for interrogation, fiction and imagination.

Friday, 26th July
: Empire Down: within our lifetime changes personal, social & technological have come, have passed and are yet to come. Keep the future from becoming banal & prevent the past from slipping into nostalgia. The key is writing In the NOW.

Lucas North
has been published in indigo, Blue Dog, Westerly, & Eco Poetics, North America. In 2007, he won a Longlines Fellowship at Varuna Writers House for his novel writing, and was writer-in-residence at Tom Collins House in 2008.  He is currently working on his 11th novel White Phosphorous.


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