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Haiku for Joyce

concrete two-seater
come, come, all writers sit on
my hard art

Friday, March 23, 2012

Page Seventeen Accepting Submissions Sunday 15 April - Saturday 30 June

Page Seventeen Accepting Submissions 15 April- June 30, 2012

Here's the short form of the submission criteria for Page Seventeen.
Short Story - General
  • Unthemed
  • Up to 5000 words
Short Story - Competition
  • $200 1st prize, $100 runner-up
  • Unthemed
  • Up to 3000 words
  • Fee of $7 per story entered, or three for $18
  • Winner, Runner-up and shortlisted entries will be published in Page Seventeen
Poetry - General
  • Unthemed
  • Up to 100 lines (including spaces)
  • Short-form poetry (e.g. haiku) may be considered as a suite for a single entry
Poetry - Competition
  • $200 1st prize, $100 runner-up
  • Unthemed
  • Up to 600 lines (including spaces)
  • Short-form poetry (e.g. haiku) may be considered as a suite for a single entry
  • Fee of $7 per poem entered, or three for $18
  • Winner, Runner-up and shortlisted entries will be published in Page Seventeen
Non-Fiction - General
  • Unthemed
  • Up to 5000 words
  • Pitches may be submitted up to 30 June, provided that the full content will be available to us no later than 31 July. Send your pitches to
Photography - Competition
  • $100 1st prize
  • Unthemed, although see previous covers of Page Seventeen to see what's won in the past
  • Fee of $7 permits five photos.
  • Winning entry will be used as the front cover image for the next isse of Page Seventeen

How to Submit

Submissions can be sent via either post or email. If you are sending general submissions, we prefer email if possible; however, competition entries must be posted.
Submission entries must be formatted in a serif font (such as Times New Roman) at 12pt., either 1.5 or double-spaceed. If submitting a hard copy, the submission must be on white A4 paper, printed one-sided only.
Post entries to to:
Po Box 8078
Tottenham, VIC 3012

Email entries go to

Retort Magazine is back for 2012!

Retort Magazine accepts unsolicited submissions for publication online all year round from new to advanced career artists, writers and poets in all disciplines and practices from anywhere on planet earth. We favour the cutting edge over the blunt of the handle, the avante garde over backward walking, the delinquent imagination over the hammered economic mind. We publish whenever something brilliant arrives and are always dipping into the murky depths of a MASSIVE bulging submissions folder.

Retort Magazine uses a submission manager – it is free to create an account and submit Check it out! Retort Magazine

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

VIM Journal Submissions Close 31/3/12

It has the easiest of easy addresses: 
We’re now calling for submissions for the inaugural edition of VIM. Don’t be shy – get it out there. Show us what makes you happy. An observation, an accomplishment, anything that puts a twinkle in your step and a skip in your eye.
Submissions close on 31 March 2012, and are by email Please take a look at our submission guidelines before sending your work – the more of these guidelines you adhere to, the happier we will be while making our assessment.
Go ahead, make our day.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Westerly Submission Due 31/3/12

 Westerly Submission Due 31st March, 2012.

Deadlines for submitting material

Westerly is published twice a year in July and November.
  • July edition deadline: 31 March
  • November edition deadline: 31 July
Read Westerly's submission guidelines here...

The Westerly Centre welcomes local poet James Quinton to their team. James will be assisting editor Tony Hughes-D'Aeth in researching a literary history of the Western Australia wheatbelt.

James has written an insightful review of Tracy Ryan's new collection, The Argument, which can be found on his blog. His own poetry has been published by Fremantle Press and in numerous chapbooks.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Congratulations to OOTA writers in the Tom Collins Poetry Prize 2011

Congratulations to winner Claire Potter of the Tom Collins Poetry Prize. However, a special congratulations to OOTA writers Julie Watts, Meredi Ortega, Josephine Clarke and Roland Leach. What more can we say. Buono, buono! Thanks also to Rose van Son who reported the night's successes.

Full report: 
First Prize of $1000 went to Claire Potter of WA (who coincidentally was last years judge). Second Prize of $400 has gone to Carolyn Leach-Paholski of Victoria. Four Highly Commended Awards with prizes of $150 each went to Meredi Ortega (WA), Julie Watts (WA), Glen Phillips (WA) and Debi Hamilton (VIC).  Commended were Roland Leach (WA), Rosanna Licari (QLD), Jo Clarke (WA) and Nelson Oliver (VIC). You can read the Judge's Report and winning poem here...

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Helen Hagemann reading her Novel-in-Progress, The Ozone Café on the Varuna Writers Blog

Congratulations to Helen Hagemann, reading from her Novel-in-Progress, The Ozone Café on the Varuna Writers blog. Read more here...

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Meanjin Accepting Poetry Again!

UPDATE! We are once again accepting hard copy poetry submissions. Poetry, including a stamped self-addressed envelope, should be sent to:

Judith Beveridge
Poetry Editor
187 Grattan St

WE ARE NOT CURRENTLY ACCEPTING ANY SUBMISSIONS OTHER THAN POETRY. Please do not submit work at this time. We are in the process of moving to a new digital submissions service, check back here regularly for updates.


John Kinsella is the new Poetry Editor for Island Magazine. Those wanting to get their poems published might consider reading his MANIFESTO - 'What I Do And Don't Look For In A Poem When Selecting For A Literary Journal'
Take a look and GOOD LUCK!!!! Manifesto


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