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Haiku for Joyce

concrete two-seater
come, come, all writers sit on
my hard art

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Announcing our Creative Non-Fiction Competition for WA Writers!

2011 SPILT INK COMPETITION - Submissions now open!
Each year OOTA conducts a writing competition for its sole membership. In alternate years we have run a Poetry, then a Prose Competition. However, this year our competition is "Creative Non-Fiction."
Note: Guidelines are to be strictly observed otherwise your entry will not be accepted.
Download our pdf (in landscape) entry form here or our .doc entry form (in landscape) here or simply click on image, then print. 

What is Creative Non-fiction? 
by Rose van Son

Creative non-fiction is the writing of a personal essay. The word non-fiction is the clue: prose that is not fictional but of an event in the writer’s life, told creatively.
Often these events are memorable, even life-changing for the writer and therefore the need to put pen to paper, to tell the story in a creative way. The power of creative non-fiction is in the telling; whether the story is life-changing or whether it is simply a moment of everyday life, the telling is important. Creative non-fiction writing frees the writer from the constraints of the formal or academic essay; the telling can be a journey, or a new way of seeing or developing an issue important to the writer.
If research is used in the creative non-fiction essay, it must be acknowledged in the essay, as in the academic essay, to avoid plagiarism. The story-telling must be smooth and can include dialogue or analysis but the reader must feel that this is the ‘telling’ of something that has happened to the writer; an event that may have changed the writer in some way or has influenced the writer sufficiently to pick up a pen. As the story unfolds, the reader may be influenced by both the story and the telling. The writer may use the first person ‘I’ to share his or her personal story with the reader. A good piece of creative non-fiction will leave the reader thinking.

Monday, May 30, 2011

e-launch of Par écrit: poetry of the feminine & The Joyous Lake by Helen Hagemann

Helen Hagemann announces the publication of her 2 new e-books Par écrit: poetry of the feminine and The Joyous Lake. Helen's poetry will take you down a nature trail to rivers, lakes, ponds and more. Par écrit: poetry of the feminine is poetry concerned with life's journey and all things female. You can read her work leisurely on Helen's website or check out ISSUU - a great way to publish - for free!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Annamaria Weldon announces an artistic collaboration: Bush Journal

Bush Journal - words, drawings, sound; a collaborative installation by writer Annamaria Weldon and Carolyn Marks, artist & sculptor.
Opens this weekend Saturday 28th May 2011 at INQB8. Mandurah's inaugural exhibition. Details of the exhibition, venue, dates, etc. here ...

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Exciting New Creative Writing Classes at the Fremantle Arts Centre

Friday's Prose class brings you five new series of creative writing with new tutors.
Our 1st Series "Releasing the Writer Within" was a huge success and so it's a big thank you to writers who attended who made it so. We now offer the
2nd Series - sui generis with Lucas North
3rd Series - Four Hills & a Cloud with Nandi Chinna
4th Series - Writing Children's Literature with Andrew Lansdown
5th Series - Writing Longer Fiction with Bruce Russell
6th Series - Creative Non-Fiction with Rosemary Stevens

We hope you will continue to participate in the Friday class. You can read more at or download the two page brochure here...

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Interesting Article in the West & Some Opportunities for You!

Never Judge an Essay by its Cover
by DONNA WARD - The West Australian May 10, 2011

"My vision takes into account the great sweep of the country from all points of the compass. What events happened in 2011 that made our essayists set forth on their journey to understanding? How do our essayists help us think about our lives," says ABC Radio personality, Ramona Koval when I asked her what she was looking for as the selecting editor for Best Australian Essays 2011.

Award winning author Cate Kennedy says what is thoughtfully crafted catches her attention when choosing pieces for Best Australian Stories 2011. She adds, "If I had to be quoted offering words of encouragement to WA writers (or any writers, come to that) I'd say, send me the stories you really love, stories that have been a joy to create rather than an onerous task to write. That's the energy that will come off the page."

Read more here...

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Speculative Fiction Opportunity

2011 Eureka Street/Reader's Feast Award
The 2011 Eureka Street/Reader's Feast Award has the theme 'Australia
2031', inviting speculative fiction or non-fiction that imagines what life will
be like in Australia, 20 years into the future.
Entries should be no longer than 2000 words and first prize is $5000,
sponsored by Reader's Feast Bookstores in Melbourne as part of its Crime
and Justice Festival.
The Margaret Dooley Young Writers Award for ethical writing (under-30s age
category) is also open. Full submission details for both awards are available @ Eureka Street.


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