Honey & Hemlock by Julie Watts
There is a heavy dose of joy and wonder throughout this collection, yet more vital medications for the future of Australian poetry. All within the context of a fully nuanced life; in “After the Eye Injury” we’re breathlessly led along a pilgrimage of newly re-experienced colours to her altar of light. With “A Swim in the Sea” the poet plays with a simplicity of moment to a turn at the end that saw an audible ah from this reader. The familiarity with and love of the sea is evident throughout this collection.   Les Wicks Rochford St. Review

Julie Watts' collection of poems is published by Sunline Press. Available in all good book stores. Enquire: Roland Leach @

Sandfire - a poetry collection by Flora Smith, Rose van Son, and Chris Konrad

I knew the stories he/ told his grandchildren/ of learning to plot their cries against the wind -  Flora Smith

Sands drift/ and the wind has no idea where it blows - Chris Konrad

Listen to the wind/ and you will hear/ waves of silk - Rose Van Son

Sandfire is published by Sunline Press. Available in all good book stores. Enquire: Roland Leach @

 Is the Chimney Really Burning? by Susan Siddall

Susan has written this book as part of an MA at university.
This is a memoir of her childhood years in England.
We congratulate her on a marvelous effort!

Deadly Beautiful

Deadly Beautiful by Liana Joy Christensen offers an entertaining portrait of some of the main dangerous animal species with which humans have a love-hate relationship. Clear, up-to-date, scientifically accurate information about the natural history of these species is presented in a broadly accessible style, examining their day-to-day existence, how they have developed the weapons they possess and how they use them for defense, for hunting and for making love. Purchase her book at Pan Macmillan here

The Weather of Tongues is Mags Webster's first collection of poetry.

‘… you’ve scoped me like landscape and I await/ the brushstrokes of your breath, the weather of tongues …’
‘Strange Vernacular’, The Weather of Tongues

Land, language, distance, the music of love, its darkness and its mystery – all these themes are woven into a new poetry collection by Perth-based writer and OOTA member, Mags Webster.
The Weather of Tongues is published by Sunline Press, and is available at Planet Books and other independent bookstores in the metropolitan area.

We hear the voice of a girl telling a story through an adult many years later. She and her brother are in court. What happened to her father? Why is her mother so troubled? This memoir is about the growing up years of Margo and Micko O’Byrne.
Their childhood story wasn’t told; it was hidden and lied about. When their mother disappeared, they delved into their past and transformed it from a confused knot of shadows and secrets into one they could accept.  Available from author's website
Margo O'Byrne

A gentle, perceptive and intensely lyrical spirit infuses the poems of Rachael Petridis. There is astute judgement of language and tone, a seriousness and sensitivity that avoids solemnity. There are evocations of places and people, and a sense of celebration that nestles next to an awareness of loss and longing. There is passion, memory, joy, and much wisdom in the feelings she shares so generously with the reader – Shane McCauley.  Available from the Australian Poetry Centre. RRP $10

Helen Hagemann announces the publication of her new e-book The Joyous Lake. Helen's poetry will take you down a nature trail to rivers, lakes, ponds and more. You can read her work leisurely on Helen's website or check out ISSUU - a great way to publish! View collection

Helen Hagemann’s writing is a triumphant celebration of the power of poetry to recapture the past and still the present. Whether she is remembering growing up on the Central Coast of NSW, memorialising family and neighbours or observing cormorants, she makes each moment vividly real. These poems have all the dazzle and sting of a summer day at the beach, with the esky full of rolls and lettuce and the ‘cozzie’ a ‘rainbow’ to put on. Evangelyne & other poems is an exuberant, generous, thoroughly lived-in collection. Its relish for the everyday details of Australian life is a rare delight - Jean Kent. RRP $10 Available from AP Ltd, and Melbourne University Bookshop
From the opening lines of the first poem, the reader is introduced to a powerful, resonant and poignantly moving voice…Jackson’s poetry is lean and purposeful… There are many stunning poems here, wry and wistful, love poems with a heartbreaking absence of sentimentality, terrific poems of place and observation and understanding…Coracle is unreservedly recommended...Shane McCauley in indigo  Available at all good book stores, and from Janet Jackson RRP $25

The Van Gogh Café consists mainly of love poems read by the sensual voice of Mags Webster. Twenty four poems in total, two of which have been published by The Weekend Australian, one accepted by Westerly, Speedpoets, Studio, one shortlisted for Indigo, and one commended for The Josephine Ulrick Poetry Prize.
Mardi May says of it, "I have discovered it's not a good idea to listen whilst driving in traffic. Should carry a warning that you are likely to be seduced off the road." RRP $15, postage included, from PO Box 1127, Nedlands. WA. 6909.
Beyond Borders by Mary Nakashiba

Beautifully written in eloquent prose by Mary Nakashiba (aka Jarzabkowski), this
memoir by our 85 year-old Japanese/European writer gives an insight into multi-cultural, pre-war Darwin, the pearling industry in which her father was involved and internment in Victoria during the war. She records her experiences nursing TB surgical patients in Kuala Lumpur under the Colombo Plan during the Emergency in the mid-50s. Also included is the story of her Polish husband who fought the Communist insurgency in the para-military arm of the Malayan Police. While depicting the dark period of her life, there is also an appreciation of the lighter side with its moments of hilarity. Click title/author name to purchase at BookPal.

Indigo Volume #5

Volume 5 features an provocative interview with Tim Winton by Delys Bird, the co-editor of Westerly Magazine. There is also an excerpt from Lovesong, the latest novel by Alex Miller.
The Short Stories in this volume are selected by Ray Coffey, former publisher at Fremantle Press. His selection echoes many tales of manhood, but there are also stories of whales and women and drugs and sex. Dr Carmen Lawrence chose an excellent collection of Creative Non-fiction and Caroline Caddy's collection of poetry will bring whimsy and wonder into your days.
You can buy indigo journal online through Fremantle Press


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