Join us and meet other writers!

In the leafy grounds and hibiscus shade of the Fremantle Arts Centre Café.

Flame Trees in the Courtyard

Take your time to feel the energy of leaf power.

Friendly Fauna

Oh good, a bunch of writers with food!

Always be on the lookout for strange characters

They will make an interesting plot.

Haiku for Joyce

concrete two-seater
come, come, all writers sit on
my hard art

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

OOTA 2015 Management Committee Announced

We are proud to publish the new OOTA Management
Committee for 2014-2015

President – Julie Watts

Vice President – Carolyn Abbs

Secretary – Liz Hearnden

Treasurer/Membership Coordinator – Leanne Searle

Ordinary members: Renée Pettit-Schipp

Ross Jackson

Josephine Clarke

Barry Cassidy


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