Join us and meet other writers!

In the leafy grounds and hibiscus shade of the Fremantle Arts Centre Café.

Flame Trees in the Courtyard

Take your time to feel the energy of leaf power.

Friendly Fauna

Oh good, a bunch of writers with food!

Always be on the lookout for strange characters

They will make an interesting plot.

Haiku for Joyce

concrete two-seater
come, come, all writers sit on
my hard art

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Our AGM & Results of the Spilt Ink Competition

Our sincere thanks to all standing members on the committee who were voted in for 2012. Helen Hagemann: President, Julie Watts: Vice-President, Leanne Searle: Treasurer, Lucas North: Secretary, Carolyn Abbs: Membership Coordinator, Rose van Son: Agenda Coordinator - Shoma Mitra: Network Tuesday Editor, Committee members: Josephine Clarke, Lucy Czerwiec and Helen Trengrove.
Thanks also to Lucy for photographs and a special thank-you to all the members who attended. You can read the President's report here...
RESULTS OF THE SPILT INK COMPETITION: 1st Prize: Liana Christensen for Before They Fall, 2nd Prize: Helena Kadmos for Fruit Box and 3rd Prize: Laura Tanja King for Utopian Desire and an Earthly Paradise. Thanks to all those who entered.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

All welcome to Liana Christensen's book launch of Deadly Beautiful

You are warmly invited to the celebration of Deadly Beautiful by Liana Joy Christensen.
To be launched by renowned wildlife photographer Jiri Lochman. Join us at 4.00 pm on Saturday November 5th 2011, Mattie Furphy Centre for Creative Imagining, Adjacent to FAWWA, Tom Collins House
88 Wood Street, Swanbourne. RSVP by November 1st to

Friday, October 14, 2011

Helen is Back from the Land of the Leprechauns!

Return of Saturday Poetry for 2012

The Grove Library has offered its support to OOTA writers for our fortnightly Saturday Poetry Class for 2012. Once again this class will be held in the Flax room from 1.30pm to 3.30pm each Saturday fortnight. The class is a drop-in-style, no booking required. Saturday Poetry is suitable for community writers/ OOTA regulars, part-timers and casual attendees. So you can go off on holidays when you choose and we will still be there when you get back!
For those of you who are interested in attending I would be pleased if you would take the time to answer a poll which outlines further details of the coming 2012 workshops on my personal blog @ Evangelyne
Many thanks
Helen Hagemann

Monday, October 10, 2011

Publishing Opportunity for S/F/Fantasy, Horror Writers

Twelfth Planet Press Novel Manuscript Submission Month – January 2012

Twelfth Planet Press is looking to develop a new line of dynamic, original genre novels. Twelfth Planet Press novels will push boundaries to question, inspire, engage and challenge. We are specifically looking to acquire material outside that which is typically considered by mainstream publishers.

We are looking for science fiction, fantasy, horror and crime. We will consider borderline literary, new weird, steampunk, space opera, hard science fiction, soft science fiction, urban fantasy, cyberpunk, military science fiction, young adult, paranormal romance and everything in between.
Please note we are not looking for epic fantasy, splatterpunk, novellas, nonfiction, previously published material (where published includes electronic or audio ie on your blog, as a podcast, ebook etc) and unfinished work. We will not consider multiple or simultaneous submissions. Please take some time to familarise yourself with the kind of content we publish. We are not interested in gratuitous violence, misogyny and gore or sex scenes for shock value.We are looking to acquire all English language territory rights and ebook rights. We are offering advances and royalties.

How to Submit:
The manuscript submissions period will commence January 1, 2012 and end January 31, 2012.

Email the first 3 chapters of your finished manuscript and a brief (1-2 page) synopsis to in rtf file format. Title your subject heading with the genre/subgenre for our email management. You will receive an automated email receipt of your submission.
Your synopsis should include a summary of all the characters and plot (including the ending) and a brief discussion of your intended audience, your likely sales market, what other books are like yours and why your book is better or why your book is needed.
Include your full contact details, including email address, manuscript title, word count and a brief biography. Full manuscripts will be requested from those submissions which make it to the second round.All submissions will be considered by our team of readers. Manuscripts will be read in the order of their receipt. The team will pass up manuscripts for the second round and submission of full manuscripts will be on request at that time. Depending on volume, we are intending to respond to all submissions by June 30, 2012. There will be subsequent submissions periods after January 2012.

Submissions period: January 1, 2012 – January 31, 2012.
Email address:
First 3 chapters and a 1-2 page synopsis of your book with marketing and sales outline in rtf file.
Include your full contact details, word count and brief biography.


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