Monday, December 17, 2012

OOTA Writers Xmas Party on 14th Dec @ the Fremantle Arts Centre

 *The Christmas Gathering of OOTA Writers* 

Members listening to Shane
OOTA's Christmas lunch at the Fremantle Arts Centre on Friday, 14th December. Broad smiles, some wine & talk, a welcome by our President Julie Watts & then Helen Trengrove proceeded to invite our guests to read. We respectfully lowered our heads listening to Shane McCauley, Roland Leach, Josephine Clarke, and Dick Alderson. Writers who took the opportunity in the *open readings* were Bruce Russell, Janet Nowknownas Jackson and Helen Hagemann. It was great to hear two prose writers this year; an intro from Bruce Russell's new book "Reunion", and a story excerpt from our 1st prize winner of the Lyndall Hadow/Donald Stuart Short Story Competition, Josephine Clarke. A great day and the sun shone beautifully between the plane trees. A big thank you to Jo Clarke for these pics and also Annamaria Weldon's other 11 photos @ https://... more »
Shane Reading
Helen T.
Annamaria, Janice, Rachael, Rose, Viv & girls
Bruce Russell announcing his new book

Roland Leach

Jackson & Tineke

Carrie, Rose & Annamaria

Rosie & Bruce

Roland and members enjoying the festivities


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