Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Inkerman & Blunt's Australian Love Poems 2013 launched at FAC

Thoughts of "Love is in the Air" permeated the Pavlich Room at the Fremantle Arts Centre on Sunday for the launch of Inkerman & Blunt’s Australian Love Poems 2013. According to Donna Ward, “love” not hate should be a new tone for Australia. OOTA wishes to thank Julie Watts, our President, for organising the event. The Pavlich room was filled with poets and old friends. We think we made Donna 'feel like home', and Kevin Gillam did as well with his familiar Cello renditions.  Thanks also to committee members Liz Hearden and Leanne Searle for selling books on the day, and to all members who contributed with plates of food.  We thank Anthony Watts (Julie's better half) for a sterling job he did as our drinks waiter.
    Last but not least, thank you poets of WA! for your inclusion in this anthology, and to guest readers, Julie Watts, Sue Clennell, Jackson, Shane McCauley. Kevin Gillam and Roland Leach for making the event, pardon the pun, lovely. Unfortunately Miranda Aitken could not attend, but Donna read her poem Fish like Flowers and also a favourite On her Wedding Day (for Kate) by Michael Crane.


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