Monday, August 19, 2013

Vale: Sally Clarke - our dear member and poet will be sadly missed

We are sad to learn of the passing of our much loved member and poet Sally Clarke.  RIP

from Dancing in Odessa
             by Ilya Kaminsky

We lived North of the future…
were born there
into summer twilight evenings;
cold winter nights, frost and snow
underlay our present,
hard-to-ignore cuckoo call,
hazy bluebell woods, deciduous trees,
gold autumn Cotswold stone,
that way of thinking...

yet we have lived here
more years than there,
accept another language,
red earth, drought-ridden summers,
bask in sea/beach clarity,
hard-to-ignore antipodean flora/fauna,
gum trees you can see the sky through,
red callistemon, parakeet, kookaburra...

we will not go back.
                         Sally Clarke


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