Saturday, March 10, 2012

Congratulations to OOTA writers in the Tom Collins Poetry Prize 2011

Congratulations to winner Claire Potter of the Tom Collins Poetry Prize. However, a special congratulations to OOTA writers Julie Watts, Meredi Ortega, Josephine Clarke and Roland Leach. What more can we say. Buono, buono! Thanks also to Rose van Son who reported the night's successes.

Full report: 
First Prize of $1000 went to Claire Potter of WA (who coincidentally was last years judge). Second Prize of $400 has gone to Carolyn Leach-Paholski of Victoria. Four Highly Commended Awards with prizes of $150 each went to Meredi Ortega (WA), Julie Watts (WA), Glen Phillips (WA) and Debi Hamilton (VIC).  Commended were Roland Leach (WA), Rosanna Licari (QLD), Jo Clarke (WA) and Nelson Oliver (VIC). You can read the Judge's Report and winning poem here...


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