Thursday, March 12, 2009

Lunchtime Reading on Friday 13th March

Les Wicks to read at OOTA

FAW(WA) poet in residence, Les Wicks will join us for lunch this FRIDAY, March 13th,12 noon(after our usual poetry class) and will read some of his work.

For 30 years Les has been a figure of substance in the Australian literary community. He has been a guest at most of the nation’s literary festivals, toured widely and been published in well over 190 newspapers, anthologies and magazines across 11 countries in 7 languages. Stylistically, the poet sits between camps. Seen as both a “stage” and “page” poet, his work is a mix of accessibility and dense language use. He is a master of capturing the vernacular. Poems are both humorous and fierce, often in the same poem.


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