Sunday, February 10, 2013

Honey & Hemlock by Julie Watts & launched by Shane McCauley

On Saturday, 9th February, 2013 Shane McCauley launched Honey & Hemlock a first poetry collection by Julie Watts. Over 90 people attended the function, held at the Fremantle Arts Centre. Cellist, Kevin Gillam played while people mingled, drank champagne and wine and ate finger food. Publisher Roland Leach from Sunline Press then introduced the proceedings, telling the audience how much he enjoyed Julie's poetry after hearing her read at a Perth event. Shane launched the book to high appraise, reading some of Julie's words. After her speech and the many thank yous to family, supporters and colleagues esp. OOTA, Julie then read her poetry, incl. the heartfelt poem Putting Hand Cream on my Father 94. Apart from her other beautiful metaphorical verse, the audience did enjoy her humorous poem 'My Dog is a Social Bitch.' The book is now available for purchase through Sunline Press and the cost is $20. Well worth it for the beautiful poems inside.
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Honey & Hemlock
Julie Watts


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