Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Out of Pocket - A Celebration - starring Gordon MacNish and Helen Brett

Please note: time change!

OOTA proudly announces our first seasonal meeting at the Fremantle Arts Centre. This year we are conducting a dedication for the Directors of Pocket Theatre. Gordon MacNish and Helen Brett. Since the theatre's closure we decided to host an event called "Out of Pocket - a Celebration" to mark the hard work and longevity of the theatre and its co-founders.
All members are cordially invited to our celebration on Friday, 8th June at 11.30am in Room 2, Upstairs, North Wing, the Fremantle Arts Centre. We will later adjourn to the FAC Cafe for meals, etc. (optional)  at 12.30pm.

We would love to see as many members as possible to help pay tribute to a hard working team that we came to love as Pocket Theatre. Please join us for the entertainment in Room 2 or for meals & drinks at the FAC Cafe. Or both!
We would appreciate an RSVP to gauge numbers for the cafe staff!
Please reply to  

Venue: Room 2, Upstairs, North Wing, FAC

Date/time: 11.30am: Friday, 8th June


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