Thursday, May 12, 2011

Interesting Article in the West & Some Opportunities for You!

Never Judge an Essay by its Cover
by DONNA WARD - The West Australian May 10, 2011

"My vision takes into account the great sweep of the country from all points of the compass. What events happened in 2011 that made our essayists set forth on their journey to understanding? How do our essayists help us think about our lives," says ABC Radio personality, Ramona Koval when I asked her what she was looking for as the selecting editor for Best Australian Essays 2011.

Award winning author Cate Kennedy says what is thoughtfully crafted catches her attention when choosing pieces for Best Australian Stories 2011. She adds, "If I had to be quoted offering words of encouragement to WA writers (or any writers, come to that) I'd say, send me the stories you really love, stories that have been a joy to create rather than an onerous task to write. That's the energy that will come off the page."

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