Monday, February 28, 2011

OOTA's Farewell Lunch for Donna Ward

Over thirty members attended Donna Ward's farewell on Friday, 25th February in the leafy (but warm) cafe courtyard at the Fremantle Arts Centre. Many writers have been published in indigo due to the efforts of Donna and they attended her luncheon to show their appreciation and support.

Bruce and Donna say au revoir
OOTA takes this opportunity to wish her well in a return trip to her hometown, Melbourne, and hopes that she has many more successes in her future endeavours be they personal, writing or publishing (at least some success with funding!)

Liana Joy Christensen, Miranda Aitken, Julie Watts, Leanne Searle, Rosie Barter, Sally Clarke, Dick Alderson, Cecily Scutt, Sue Clennell, Josephine Clarke, Lucas North, Meredi Ortega, Roland Leach and Bruce Russell for getting published in the last hurrah of indigo #6.


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